I  am Nalin Pithwa. My profession is DSP and Digital Communications; my passion is Mathematics. I had learnt Math long back, and would like to relearn it with gumption and gusto, zeal and zest. Here, I will blog about basic and advanced MSc Math — generally referring to Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Number Theory, PDE’s and Probability Theory. As I am relearning, I will post solutions to some problems I hope to be able to solve from Herstein, baby Rudin, Munkres, Hocking and Young, Niven and Zuckermann, and the like.

But wait…I need to be honest …I need to start gradually…:-)

Frankly, this is not the blog of the type of Terence Tao or Ben Green or Tim Gowers…I am just relearning…It gives me undescribable joy to increase my capacity/stamina to learn/do Math…

I sincerely hope that you will write comments and enhance my motivation and learning to do pure Math 🙂


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